There are six components in the Information Desk System. They are the System Administrator Module, the Officer Module, the School Master Module.


This module helps the officer to view the data sent to him by the school principal. The officer will also provide input to the principal of the school.


The module helps the system administrator to execute system and directory backup or restore functions. The system administrator can display the audit log, which tracks all users accessing the database. An event log that captures the system’s failed or unauthorized logon is also available.


In this module, the school principal is responsible for the operations of the students. The details needed need to be obtained, such as the number of pupils, the number of teachers, the number of courses, the attendance of both teachers and students.


Increase the speed and pace of operation to be able to accommodate as many schools as possible in a quality and effective manner.


  1. Improving the preservation and recovery of school records.
  2. Enhance consistency in the review and auditing of school records.
  3. To be able to reply in time to the authority and the schools.
  4. To make it easier for the office to run its services smoothly.CFD (CONTEXT DIAGRAM):

Information Desk System DFD

Information Desk System DFD:

Information Desk System DFD



login form

Head Teachers can also use this form to enter the appropriate record of students and teachers before the end of the month.

officer detail form         

This is the method to be used to collect all the knowledge about teachers and pupils. The number of teachers in the school, the sum charged for the gender of the teacher, and the number of teachers in the classroom. The number of students and the gender of students and their disciplines.

Administration detail form

This method can be used to evaluate the details that the principal of the school sends. The administrator is going to log in to the server and browse the documents.

School Principal detail form

This method can be used as a key in-school data by the school theory.


The system produces reports on any reservations that the government can, in turn, use in decision-making.

Student’s reports

This article would show information about the pupil, such as the enrollment and the number of pupils.

Teachers reports

This article would reveal the records of the students. The number of teachers in the classroom, the attendance, and credentials of the teachers.

Inquiry report

This report would show the details about the school. The number of seats, the number of dormitories, and the general education requirements.


FieldName DataType CONSTRAINTS
UserID Varchar(30) PRIMARY KEY
Password Varchar(34) NOT NULL
Name Varchar(30) NOT NULL


FieldName DataType CONSTRAINTS
User_name Varchar(25) NOT NULL
Indo Varchar(30) PRIMARY KEY
Student population Varchar (24) NOT NULL
School Description Varchar(30) NOT NULL
Number of schools Int(23) NOT NULL
Number of Teachers Int(38) NOT NULL
Annual Student Intake Statistics Varchar(24) NOT NULL


Field name Datatype CONSTRAINS
F_name Varchar(30) NOT NULL
L_name Varchar(30) NOT NULL
Id_no Varchar (30) FOREIGN KEY
Qualificafication Varchar(26) NOT NULL
School Name Varchar(30) NOT NULL




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