System analysis design hospital management system

This page provides the Method Overview Design of the Hospital Management System. The goal of the design process is to prepare a solution to the problem identified by the specifications. The system design aims to define the modules that should be in the system, the layout of those modules, and how they communicate with each other to generate the result. The purpose of the design process is to create a blueprint or a representation of a structure that can be used later in the development of the system. The model created is called the design of the device.

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As the project is user-friendly, it can be extended to a wide database with more details. The hospital management tools should be used to make the job easy. They will get details as soon as possible. It can manage a huge amount of data and send a report whenever appropriate. We use SRS as the relevant text in this project.

Functional Component and Assumptions

Administration module:-

The supervisor can access all the specifics of the medical record.

Inpatient module:-

This module is used to store the records of patients that have been admitted.

Outpatient module:-

The outpatient module includes descriptions of the patient who came to checkups.

Lab module:-

The laboratory module is used to produce laboratory papers.

Billing module:-

The billing module is used to measure the patient’s charge.

Description of the Program

   Context Flow Diagram:- 

The background flow diagram is the 0th level of the DFD. It includes only one process node that generalizes the activities of the whole system about external entities.

System analysis design hospital management system

Data Flow Diagram

1st level DFD

2nd Level and 3rd Level DFD

2nd level dfd

Description of Component

Administration module:-

Input: – User Name, Password

Process Definition: – Login to the system

Output:-If the login is efficient, the administrator will access and correct the data.

Inpatient module:-  

Input: – Inpatient detail

Process Definition: – Information on the care offered to patients who are admitted.

Output: – Information about the patient.

Connect with the other module:-Inpatient specifics are needed for lab reports and billing.

 Outpatient module:- 

Input: – Outpatient detail

Process Definition:-This module provides details about the care offered to a patient who has come to check up.

Output: – Information about the patient.

Connect with the other module:-Outpatient details are required for laboratory reports and billing.

 Lab module:-

Input: – Patient ID, Category

Process Definition:-Laboratory reports of the patient.

Output: – Lab report and charge.

Interface with another module: – This application requires knowledge from both inpatient and outpatient modules.

Billing module:-

Input: – Patient ID

Method Definition:-Calculate the bill and subtract the balance if any card facility is available.

Output: – Bill.

Interface with the other module:-The billing interface includes input from both inpatient and outpatient modules.




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