online vehicle showroom project report

Here we uploaded the Vehicle Showroom Project Report with Synopsis, SRS (Software Criteria Specification), Device Design, Table Design, Detailed Design, Testing, Screenshot and Project User Manual. SRS includes the project’s program specifications and hardware requirements. The architecture of the framework explains the full layout of the project. The table configuration has the ER diagram and the arrangement of the table. This paper has been written in IEEE standard format..

project synopsis
The goal of this project is to create a web application that displays the online vehicle showroom and to book vehicles online. Customers can register on this platform and book vehicles by entering their login credentials. Administrator is the key operator of this device and will incorporate staff and new car information.

project srs
The main purpose of this online vehicle showroom is to make provision for customers to purchase or book vehicles online. The current system is offline, in order to purchase a vehicle, the customer should visit the showroom.

system design
The aim of this online vehicle showroom system design is to define the modules that should be in the system, the requirements of these modules, and how they communicate with each other in order to achieve the desired result.

table design
This project consists of 8 tables, i.e. car, tax, showroom, sales, picture, vendor, client, admin. MySQL database used to create tables and holds all vehicle showroom information.

vehicle showroom detailed design
The detailed architecture of this project is added to this page with various modules that have been defined during the device design or coding of the module, so that the layout of the module can be specified precisely.




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    I find this project very useful and recommended my students to refer to this website and projects for practice

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