Online Bookstore Project is a very good student project and a well-designed project created using PHP and MySQL. The project has division and subcategory modules. Before adding goods, we need to add categories and subcategories. Customers will buy books by attaching books to the cart. The customer will display order specifics in the cart view menu.

The customer has to log on to the website by entering the specifics of the profile. To buy books, the user must log in to the website by entering the login ID and password. The search choice has been granted to search for books. All books are classified in the main category and subcategory.

The framework has an admin module where the admin can add various categories, subcategories, books, etc. Even the Admin will see the book order. Even the admin must log in to the website by entering the login ID and password. The Administrator shall have absolute authority over the platform.

The Project Consists of the following Modules:

Mainly the project consists of 8 modules.

  • Category Module
  • Sub-category module
  • Book Records Module
  • Module Admin
  • Customer’s module
  • Module of login
  • Module of registration
  • Book Order Module

Language of Programming :

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL

Video demonstration:

Here’s a video demonstration. We explained this project in depth. The videos are split into four sections that describe the project presentation, Scan, login, Display book choices in project, admin, purchasing, and billing modules.

Online Bookstore – Introduction

Online Bookstore – Search, Registration, View books

Online Bookstore – Admin module

Purchase and Billing module

Registration and Cart module:

Future project scope:

  • We should add some additional functionality to this project.
  • After buying a book, an SMS-based warning system can be installed.
  • Seller’s wise books should be preserved in the future.

Note: Book store is the name of the folder and import book store.sql is the backup of the database and customize the database in config.php.


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