System analysis design hospital management system

This page contains System analysis design of hospital management system.Ā The purpose of design phase is to plan a solution for problem specified by the requirements. System design aims to identify the modules that should be in the system, the specification of those modules and how they interact with each other to produce the result. The goal of the design process is to produce a model or representation of a system can be used later to build that system. The produced model is called design of the system.

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JAVA based Hospital Management System

The main aim of developing thisĀ JAVA based Hospital Management System project is to provide better hospital management services to both the doctorsĀ as well as patients.Ā  ThisĀ Java based Hospital Management System will store all patients record and doctors details and it view patients bill. It can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Polyclinic or Pathology labs for maintaining patient details and their test results. This article contains Hospital Management System source code in java, database files and documentation.

java based hospital management system

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