Analog Clock using VB.NET

Analog Clock using VB.NETHere we created Analog Clock using VB.NET coding. This is the mini student project and you can learn some coding techniques in this project. this analog clock works in Visual studio 2008 version or Visual Studio 2012 version. No database required to created this analog clock. This mini project created in single form , 12 labels , 3 shapes, and 2 timers used to develop this project code.

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Medical Store Inventory System

Medical Store Inventory SystemIt is a General purpose Medical Store Inventory System and this project is developed using C++. This is a mini project and its for beginners. It handles simultaneously for both a medical store or a general store. This projects entire program is Password protected which the user sets himself and may edit later. This mini project is good  for those people who want to learn programming in C++ Programming language.

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