E-CAMPUS System Project Synopsis

E-Voting System

In the E-Voting System the people can cast their vote through online. In this system the administrator adds all voters list in the database. After adding the administrator provides login details with voter id to the users. The voters can vote for the candidates by entering their login id and password. The admin can schedule voting times with date and time. The voters can’t vote after the expiry date. At the end the system displays result immediately after voting.

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E-Voting System

E-Voting System

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Online Voting System Project

College Voting System In VB.Net

Voting System In VB.NetThe VOTE PLUS objective is to provide a system which manages the election activity done in a college or a school and its calculation of total vote which is very huge. The users will consume less amount of time when compared to manual paper work through the automated system. This College Voting System In VB.Net language and database in Sql Server is database backend.

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College Voting System

College Voting System

College Voting System

College Voting System software manages complete college voting system. It will have all the basic modules and also it makes voting fully computerized which is very fast and efficient.

College Voting System is a software application which maintains records of the students, Candidates, Users. This software is designed for voting purpose which saves lot of time and counting is done within a single click.

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Online Voting System


The purpose of this system is to implement the computerization of the details, Polling results, current Polling and candidates. The Online Polling  System is supported through the college Student Records System (SRS). This allows students to login and be authenticated as an entitled voter for election purposes. The Online Polling System is recognized as secure and accurate in its ability to authenticate students and to tabulate voting results. Read more about Online Voting System