Cake Ordering System

The purpose of the “Cake Ordering System (COS)” is to have a system that handles the day-to-day sales operations in a cake shop and measures them very thoroughly. Users can waste less time as compared to manual paperwork on an automatic device.

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The device will take care of all sales support operations in a fast way. The handling of data is simpler. It would be able to review any reports at any time, Paperwork and manual work are minimized, user-friendly, and easy to use.

Cake Ordering System


           The “Cake Ordering System (COS)” operation is focused on ordering and distributing the cake for each customer. A specific order number will be issued to each customer. As soon as the name and contact information of the customer are applied for comparison. Next, the cake is picked and, if necessary, the stuffing sort is also added. The date of distribution and also the quantity should be entered by the customer. A separate bill is made for validation and any advance payment may be made by the customer. The client will produce the order invoice on the day of delivery. According to him, a bill is created again for sale and the consumer is expected to pay the balance. 

Admin has the power to add the specifics of the cake, the taste, and the cost. And he also has the right to edit and delete the information from/to the list. Admin can include the username and password for each account. The report is produced at the end of the day to determine the payment for and use regularly.

Modules of the software:

Account Configuration:

  • Cake: A new type of cake is introduced that contains the name of the cake and the cost. The specifics can also be modified only by the admin, if necessary. In addition to this, all of the data will quickly be removed from him.
  • Flavor: 2 forms of cake flavor are added, i.e. outside stuffing and inside stuffing, and different flavoring rates are added. The admin has the power to change the information added and also has the right to remove the details.
  • Report: Here, the user can look at the order received by each user and can also share the payment he made regularly.
  • Registration: As soon as the user enters the company, the admin will provide him with a specific username and password.
  • Order: Here, the customer orders a cake by giving his name and contact for identification and a specific order number will be created from the app. For the approval intent, a separate bill is produced.
  • Sale: On the day of arrival, as soon as the customer produces a bill of order and its specific order number, the user checks in the system whether or not the order number and order are available. If this is the case, the order bill can be passed to the production counter, and finally, the sales bill can be produced.
  • Logout: This module helps the user to log in to the program. Further operations cannot be carried out until the user exits

Languages to be used:

  • Front End: Visual
  • Back End: Database of Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) Server: 
  • Hardware requirements:
  • Processor: Intel dual-core or above
    • Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above: 1 GB RAM or above
    • Hard Disk: 20 GB of hard disk or above
  • Software requirements:
    • Language: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
    • Database: Microsoft SQL server 2008
  • Future Scope of the Project:
  •  Reduction of Paperwork
  • Human initiative or Manual Labour may be significantly minimized.
  • Large operations that are conducted manually can be completed in a matter of seconds.


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