The key goal of the Cashew Export Master project is to create a user-friendly framework for a business that exports cashew to its customers. The project contains features such as Product Specifications, Order Criteria, Customer Details, Contracts, invoices, Packaging List, Sales Reports, and Users.

Cashew Export Master

This Project also used:-

  • To generate the quick reports
  • To make accurate and efficient calculations
  • To provide proper information briefly
  • To provide data security
  • To provide huge maintenance of records
  • The flexibility of transfers can be completed in time

Project category:

RDBMS(Relational Database Management Systems)

Project Description:

  • MCI-EXPORTMASTER carries out day-to-day transactions with the cashew industry. This project decreases man’s control and thereby directly contributes to the profit of the corporation.
  • Project MCI-EXPORTMASTER is used to manage Inventory Records, Order Specifications, Customer Details, Contracts, invoices, Packaging List, Sales Reports, and Users.
  • Product: Business deals with the import and processing of cashew kernels in the correct format and the export of cashew kernels. Product knowledge consists of various types of processed cashews, i.e. grades, cost, etc.
  • Orders: This module consists of customer order specifications. Which includes product details, customer information, etc.
  • Customer: This module consists of descriptions of customers who buy cashews from the firm.
  • Contract: This module consists of the customer’s contract specifics with the firm. If the order specifications have been approved, the organization can produce a contract.
  • Invoice: Depending on the order specifications, the invoice shall be produced to the customer.
  • Packing List: This module consists of descriptions of items packaged in separate containers to be shipped.
  • Sales Reports: Generating Customer Sales Reports.
  • Users: This module consists of information concerning users who have the authorization to use the program.

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