The aim of the Customer Relationship Management System is to maintain all customer-supplier relationships between various industries through this integrated system. This optimized device will help to greatly minimize the customer’s paperwork. It maintains all important information safely stored in a folder that can be deleted from time to time. The device is user-friendly and easy to run. Performance is improved for all those who are involved in automated systems. The processing of the data is smoother.

Project title: Customer Relation Management System (CRMS)


The “CRM” is helpful in keeping information about leads or customers and to be in contact with them always. Any issues of the customer will be noted down in this automated system and with respect to it, the issues will be solved. The program is in a position to collect all the information needed.

Project Category: Network-based Application


The applications to be developed in the Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) segment. The customer master arrives first. It covers clients who are currently in touch with the brand and who are in business with the company. The user can add, remove or change existing information. The lead is next. Leads are the same as market opportunity clients where the company wishes to do business with them. Their full information is registered in the automated system.

The user can add, remove or change existing information. It often requires the name of the person in possession of the details available. The user/admin now enters the identity of the employee and assigns the lead to the gathering of information and the operation of the business. When the employee checks in, the whole given assignment and the period can be shown. According to him, the employee attends the head office. If he gets some company, it’s going to be entered into this scheme. At the end of the day, the customer will estimate how much company each employee has. The Employee Master is included where the user can input his/her name, address, contact, and simple wage. The user can add, remove or change existing information. Reports can be produced for any month. Admin has greater authority than any other person. You can select another user to access the app and the modules that you choose can only be accessed and used by that specific employee. Admin includes an employee username and password for login.

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Customer Relation Management System



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