Send SMS in VB.NET

You can send SMS in VB.NET code with the help of the SMS API. This site provides students with SMS-based projects. Here we started with VB.NET software that sends SMS to Indian numbers. We provide an API that allows you to send messages to mobile phones from a software or web application using this API.

Application name: SMS Sender

Language of programming: VB.NET 2012/Visual 2012

Configure to Send SMS in VB.NET:

string strUrl = “

Username:Password&senderID=mVaayoo&receipientno=919938277443&msgtxt=This is a test from SMS Provider API&state=4″;

WebRequest request = HttpWebRequest.Create(strUrl);

HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.EndGetResponse();

Stream s = (Stream)response.GetResponseStream();

StreamReader readStream = new StreamReader( s );

string dataString = readStream.ReadToEnd();




About SMS Sender:

  • High speed, technologically advanced, and secure.
  • SMS Gateway converts HTTP requests to SMS messages.
  • It is a beta application, but it supports Text, Flash, Picture, Binary, and Unicode Messages.
  • Instant delivery of SMS to all Indian mobile numbers.
  • Internet connection required for sending SMS messages
  • Simple and flexible API for sending SMS from your application.
  • You can implement this API in any of the projects you have developed.

Note: You have to subscribe SMS package from any SMS provider. The code syntax will change depending on the SMS provider. Even to send international SMS you have to subscribe with a different package. There are two types of packages in Indian SMS.

We reselling SMS packages: We provide very cheaply and best SMS packages. We selling Promotional, Transactional SMS packages. Kindly contact us at We also offer demo or trial packages.

Promotional and Transactional: One is a Promotional and another is a transactional package. In the promotional package, you can send SMS to any Non-DND numbers and in transactional packages, you can send messages for dnd and non-dnd numbers. But in transactional you can send advertisements or any promotional message.


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    genius guy

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    November 24, 2014 - 9:10 AM

    can u help me on how to send txt message in philippines? having a +63 in beginning?

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