Spare parts inventory management system

The Spare Parts Distribution System plays an important role in ensuring optimal plant supply. The Spare Parts Management System (SMS) is a full procurement and accounting system. The front is Visual Studio 2005 and Back End is Microsoft Access. It has all sorts of financial records, cash control, staff, clients, suppliers managers. I was using the Crystal Study. It’s an open-source initiative.

Spare parts inventory management system

Project ID: 061120110135
Project Name: Spare Parts Management System / Spare Parts Sales and Inventory Management System
Front End: Visual Studio 2005
Back End: Microsoft Access 2003

Requirements : 

  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Microsoft Access 2003

There is a need for systematic action when handling spare parts, as mentioned below:

  1. Identification of sections
  2. Forecasting of the need for spare parts
  3. Analyzes of inventory
  4. Reconditioning of pieces
  5. Software for the care of spare parts.
This Project is an open-source project and free to download. Ask for any sort of Technical Support in the comment box.



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