The Temple Management Kit is a highly scalable Hindu Temple product. It provides full automation in the fields of billing and accounts, procurement, workforce control, and administration. It allows temple administrators to provide successful devotee service.

The Temple Management solution is combined with an outstanding accounting kit that facilitates smooth operation and efficient reporting. It’s available with internet support to encourage devotees to make online deals, pooja bookings, and many other useful features.

Strong governance is the cornerstone of an effective organization, and the Temple must not be an exception. TTMSTM will provide all the hardware and software required for effective and productive management of the Temple. Timely MIS reports and real-time tracking make processes accurate and efficient. A professionally hosted browser-based solution relieves Temple’s administration of routines such as data collection and recovery, as well as program upgrades, introducing additional functionality and features.

Everyone is brought into this world for a reason, but they never know the same thing, but in pursuit of that thing, everyone assumes that that god is the one who makes everyone and lives with everyone to give them the road of life.

Main Goals:

  • Expanding the Horizon of the Sacred Seva of the Temple
  • Managing all Temple operations using computers
  • Database centralization of the monitoring method
  • Regulation of all operations using the user module
  • Computerization of all financial transfers
  • Both Revenue and Cost details will be computerized
  • Management of the Online Calendar for SEVA


  • The easy user interface minimizes the time of operation. Smart tab configuration with full use of the keyboard
  • Reducing data entries decreases the probability of error and reduces operator commitment.
  • SQL server and.NET technologies allow several computers (data entry points) to be added without further investment.
  • Comprehensive agile development practice guarantees perfect product execution. Most of the customization can be performed at the customer premises. This encourages clients to make improvements during the implementation process.

The time-tested and reliable tech that needs less maintenance.




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