Ticket Management System

Ticket Management System

The purpose of the Ticket Management System (TMS) is to provide a system for handling the payment made by the driver regularly and producing very big tickets. The day-to-day role of end-users in operating a day-to-day enterprise would be simplified by a substantial amount by an integrated framework. The machine would be able to accommodate a variety of services to take care of all travelers promptly. Efficiency is enhanced for all those interested in automatic processes. Document work has been limited. The handling of data is simpler. 

The software to be developed is focused on the generation of Bus Tickets. The operation is focused on the generation of tickets for each passenger. For each passenger, a different list of all the routes that the bus goes will be displayed that the driver will pick and add the number of passengers. The number is determined. As soon as this process is finished, the ticket can be produced. All information is kept in the database, including the ticket number. Admin has the power to include path specifics and the cost for each seat, based on the specific route. And he also has the freedom to edit and remove information from/to the list. Admin can include the username and password for each account. The report shall be produced at the end of the day to determine the salary of each conductor for each day.

Modules of the software:

  • Route: A new route is added that involves “from” place to” place. In addition to this distance between these paths and the seat rate, the information can also be changed if appropriate. 
  • Report: Here, the user can look at the ticket received by each driver and share the payment he has won on each day.
  • Registration: As soon as the user enters the business, the admin will supply him with a specific username and password.
  • Ticket: As soon as the passenger says the spot from when and until he needs to travel, the driver chooses the two locations and adds the number of passengers. This information can be stored in the database and a separate ticket for each passenger can be produced.
  • Logout: This module helps the user to check in to the program framework. 

Project title: Ticket Management System

Front End: VB.NET

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server

 Video demonstration: 




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