Inventory Management Framework is a software system that we’ve got one of the most common source codes on our website. This was developed using Visual Fundamental 2005 under beta edition. The code is simple and is built for analysis. VB.NET 2005 is the front end and the back end is Microsoft Access 2003. I hope they all enjoy this idea. This project is really useful to beginners.

Inventory Management Application

This is a basic and very nicely built software project that stores sales and purchasing records. In the sales information, it indicates the name of the product, the amount of the product, the date ordered, the delivery process, the date of delivery, etc. After the Grand sum, it determines automatically. It stores sales ID, business information, order details, etc. in the purchase inventory.Inventory Management Application

Database name: dbInventoryManagement
Database default Password: db123

Project details: This project has 14 types and the framework of a window based on the GUI. Both documents are stored immediately in the Access folder.

Database Information: There are 10 tables in the database. Categories table stores various product categories, Customer Documents stores company details, Staff table stores all employee details, OrderPurchases stores order records, Goods table stores product details, Procurement Orders stores purchase details, ShippingMethods stores shipping records, Vendors table stores supply details and user table stores users of this software The index has the following tables:

Company Information
Order purchases
Purchase Orders
Shipping Methods
User logs

You will learn the following things in this project:
Method for linking an RDBMS database (Microsoft Access) to an application
Inserting data to the database
View and Deleting data from the database
View and updating records to the database.
Displaying records in the datagridview. 

Note: This project is not running on a network PC linked to LAN. It will function in the network if there is a transition.





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