Airline Reservation and Booking System

Airline Reservation Booking System is database software, which maintains the information about reservations in airline. This is made user friendly so that the information is retrieved and updated easily. This software is developed to maintain all the information about certain airports, corresponding flights, routes etc.

This software is developed in Visual Basic because of its flexible, fast and rich facilities. This software can be used by any Domestic Airline Service. As the software is very user friendly and self explanatory, a little experience is enough to start using the software. The working with this software is made easy with good interface.


  • Lot of time can be saved by using a RDBMS which retrieves/stores accurate data.
  • Less space is required as redundancy is controlled and hence efficiency is increased.
  • Modification and updates becomes easy compared to file processing.
  • Authorized access can be granted by giving each user with a login name and password.
  • Complex relationships among related data can be provided.
  • Backup and recovery of data is provided.

Features and facilities:-

  • Allow Addition/Modification/Deletion of airport, route, aircraft, tariff and fares records.
  • Provides MDI user environment.
  • Provide list of all available flights.
  • Provide facilities to easily navigate and select relevant information with user friendly interface.
  • Provides user to set window position dynamically.
  • Reservation of tickets is made easier.


Minimum:   64MB RAM, P-III 600MHz, in9x or NT, Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.3

Recommended: 128MB RAM, P-III 866MHz, MSDN collection




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  • Curious

    March 23, 2015 - 9:46 PM

    How to run the Visual Basic program ? There is no .exe file in the source code.

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