Boutique Management System is a software application design to add or manage customer information, keep their personal records, orders and delivery dates, etc. The project is entitled as “BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is developed by Visual Basic as front end and MS-Access as the back end. This project is designed to provide the easy access to maintain the reports of boutique service. This project is very useful to the all type of boutique service. By using this project we can maintain the reports of placing-order and delivery details, customer details, details, branch office details and working staff details. This project is developed with the help of visual basic 6.0.

Boutique Management System Project

Boutique management system project is a simple software application designed by considering issues in existing manual methods used in boutiques. This software is useful formanaging customer details, products listings, and adding, deleting and updating existing details from database.

To maintain different databases, garment manufacturing companies use the following systems:

  • The present Boutique Management System is manual.
  • It is hard to handle the management of the clothes manually.
  • Big and large registers are maintained for the sales and billing purpose of the clothes.
  • And there was no data backup in that system.
  • This application consumes more time and create confusion.
  • So the overall concept about this system is that it manages all the work of the boutique i.e the storage of products, customers information, selling of clothes and billing too.

Need For New System

Working with current system is quite tedious, complicated and time consuming task. It may lead errors certain operations such as surfing searching, adding, removing, entries cannot be done efficiently. Maintaining different registers for various activities such as storing and searching data which is tedious and time consuming task. Generating reports, bills are much tedious task with new system. Hence the organization needs new system with enhanced features. Features such as automatic report generation, bill generation, computing complicated calculations, performing operations such as adding, deleting, updating and searching etc. System should be user friendly.




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