Inventory management System

The proposed system Inventory Management System is implemented in visual Basic. It is a user friendly menu driven system. The time and effort required to input data, process data and generate various reports is minimized.

Inventory management System

Project ID : 071220110435
Project Name : Inventory Management System
Front End : Visual Basic 6.0
Back End : Microsoft Access
The prints such as
·implementation of the environment
·staff selection for the open of the system
·resources available such as equipment
·alternative methods of change over
          This project is more flexible for further work. Depending upon the user requirement modifications for the system can be made for all modules of the systems.
The main activities of “Inventory management System”are
1.Indent order processing
2.Quotation processing
3.Purchase order processing
4.Item Receipt order processing
5.Item issue order processing
6.Item Returns order processing 

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