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Shiva Prasad

A collection of source codes that I wrote in VB 6.0, ASP.NET, PHP, C#.NET, VB.NET and JAVA in a course of my career as web developer and software engineer that I would like to share to my fellow programmers. Some of the codes here is not my original work that I found over the Internet and Books while I'm learning how to program. I hope you find my work useful in your learning in programming. Please share my work to other people also who interested to learn the basics of web development and programming. Thank you very much and Happy Productive Programming Everyone.

Online Shopping System

Online Shopping System helps in buying of  goods, products and services online by choosing the listed products from  website(E-Commerce site).  The proposed system helps in building a website to buy, sell products or goods online using internet connection. Purchasing of goods online, user can choose different products based on categories , online payments , delivery services and hence covering the disadvantages of the existing system and making the buying easier and helping the vendors to reach wider market.

Online Shopping System

Online Shopping System project synopsis

1. Title of the Project :

Online Shopping System

2.   Objective of the Project :

The system helps in buying of  goods, products and services online by choosing the listed products from  website(E-Commerce site).

3.  Project Category :

                    Web application

4.  Language(s) to be used :

Front End :        

PHP, HTML, Javascript, AJAX

Back End :


5. Structure of the program :

Analysis :

In day to day life, we will need to buy lots of goods or products from a shop. It may be food items, electronic items, house hold items etc etc. Now a days, it is really hard to get some time to go out and get them by ourselves due to busy life style or lots of works. In order to solve this, B2C E-Commerce websites have been started. Using these websites, we can buy goods or products online just by visiting the website and ordering the item online by making payments online.

This existing system of buying goods has several disadvantages. It requires lots of time to travel to the particular shop to buy the goods. Since everyone is leading busy life now a days, time means a lot to everyone. Also there are expenses for travelling from house to shop. More over the shop from where we would like to buy some thing may not be open 24*7*365. Hence we have to adjust our time with the shopkeeper’s time or vendor’s time.

In order to overcome these, we have e-commerce solution, i.e one place where we can get all required goods/products online. The proposed system helps in building a website to buy, sell products or goods online using internet connection. Purchasing of goods online, user can choose different products based on categories , online payments , delivery services and hence covering the disadvantages of the existing system and making the buying easier and helping the vendors to reach wider market.

Advantages of the new system proposed 

  • Choose products faster and easier at one place.
  • Saves time of travelling to the vendor/seller’s place.
  • Good/Trusted & Tension free delivery services. Products bought online will be delivered to the footsteps of the buyer free of cost(may be varied based on the vendor/seller).
  • Alerts and real time reporting through Emails (to both vendor as well as buyer).
  • Reports generated can be saved for future references.
  • Inventory reports for the vendor/seller on daily, monthly, yearly basis.

Module Description :

The system consists of the following modules :

  • Master Maintenance :

This module consists of information about the products and services. This includes two sub-modules, Product master and Price master.

  • Product master includes the information about particular product, such as product number, item, name, category, images of products, description, features, and constraints of products. All these will be entered to the database through product master and hence made available in the website. In Other words product master is the admin area for the vendors/sellers where they can put information about their products which are to be displayed in the website.
  • Price master deals with the cost of the product, discounts applicable for the particular product of a vendor/seller.
  • Transactions :

In this module, management of shopping cart is done. This module will add the bought item to the shopping cart, where all items that are to be purchased can be reviewed once again after the item is bought from the cart. Payment will be done on Delivery of the items ( Cash On Delivery).

  •  Reporting :

In this module all reports will be generated. Whenever a item is sold, or customer orders a product, its vendor should be sent an alert via email immediately so that he can ship that item soon.

This module has 3 sub modules; Stock Reports, Order Reports and Delivery Reports.

  • Stock Report will produce reports of the quantity of the products available and product status.
  • Order Report will have the list of products ordered and the customer details who have bought that product, which are undelivered.
  • Delivery Reports will generate products list, which are delivered to customers.
  • House Keeping :

This module takes care of data which are older than a certain period. It will allow the vendor to archive the reports generated or transaction and business history reported by Reporting module.

6.        Future scope of the Project :

  • Most generic consumer to consumer e-commerce website,which covers almost all possible categories,with 2 level listing.
  • Maximize benefits and minimize the disadvantages of a common e-commerce website.
  • User friendly, Vendor friendly environment.

Download Online Shopping System Source code

download link

Download Project Reports:

  1. Downlaod Online Shopping System Design >>
  2. Download Online Shopping Project Synopsis >>

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  1. Dileep Kumar
    1:49 PM December 28, 2012

    when you will upload complete project?

  2. wahyu
    6:35 AM December 31, 2012

    link download ? please

  3. ravza
    6:27 AM January 13, 2013

    I just downloaded the project, its great but since i am beginner in PHp i cant fix few of error actually notice but finally the web doesnt work. Thees are the notice, so please help me fix it and try to learn something from this project…

    Notice: Undefined index: submitMain in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 123

    and fallows the others notice as :

    *Product Id :
    Notice: Undefined variable: prid in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 167
    *Product Short Name :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psname in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 171
    *Product Long Name :
    Notice: Undefined variable: plname in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 176
    *Product Image : Product Size / Dimension :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psize in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 184
    Unit of Measure :
    Notice: Undefined variable: puom in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 188
    *Minimum Quantity To Be Order :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pqty in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 192
    *Quantity Available :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pqtyavb in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 196
    Product Color :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pcolor in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 200
    Product Brand :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pbrand in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 204
    *Product Features :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pfeatures in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 208
    *Category :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pcat in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 212
    *Sub Category :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psubcat in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 216
    Short Description :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psdis in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 220
    *Long Description :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pldis in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 224
    *Product Status :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pstatus in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 228
    *Mode of Delivery :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pdel in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 231
    *Delivery Lead Time :
    Notice: Undefined variable: pdlead in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 235
    -daysSpecification :
    Notice: Undefined variable: psep in C:xampphtdocstutorial2Shopingproductdisplay.php on line 239
    and also when u are trying to register as new user image loader doesnt work…

  4. xodepp
    7:06 AM February 8, 2013

    if you can provide your this project please send me too. i will be thankful to you.

  5. xodepp
    7:12 AM February 8, 2013

    i forgot to thank you. thanx for your help

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    9:40 AM February 23, 2013

    thanx alot…

  7. sabitha
    10:11 PM February 26, 2013

    hi can u please mail me how to display the selected product data code by using vb6.0as front end nd msaccess as back end

    • mahima
      4:45 PM March 7, 2013

      plz send me full documentation on online shopping management project

  8. mahima
    4:44 PM March 7, 2013

    plz… get me full documentayion

  9. shona
    1:04 AM March 30, 2013

    sir plz send me full documentation.

  10. Gboss
    1:00 AM April 6, 2013

    im having some difficulties with the country_list menu and the captcha need help plssssssssss

  11. Rajasekar Gopal
    11:02 AM April 18, 2013

    i want a php mysql shoppingcart project full documentation,………

  12. uthpal
    6:15 PM May 6, 2013

    purai bogas ekta site……..

  13. rajat
    12:50 PM May 7, 2013

    how to download the project??
    please reply soon

  14. white
    7:11 PM July 6, 2014

    The project is not accessible now … Please can you make it availble…

  15. jitendra
    11:56 PM August 18, 2014

    please send me full online shopping project with source code.

  16. Misikir
    4:07 AM January 13, 2015

    can i get small online shopping website project with shopping cart. thank you so much!

  17. bhavesh
    6:54 PM January 20, 2015


  18. sniper
    3:27 PM February 7, 2015

    hello sir,
    could you please do a video illustrating how install this project ?
    i have installed the project as well as the database but i could not connect the project with the database
    you have explained how to import the mysql file into phpmyadmin i tried it but i didnt work with me

  19. vignesh
    6:39 PM March 9, 2015

    it will not working properly

  20. vilas patel
    7:37 PM March 9, 2015

    plz send full porject description..

  21. Elizabeth
    5:22 AM March 23, 2015

    There are no databases.

  22. Harpreet Gill
    3:29 AM April 23, 2015

    hi …its very urgent i have only three weeks to submit my project ..i need online shopping cart for fashion portal which should include php,html,css3,sql er diagram user cases….can you please help me ……i am really helpless at this movt ..if dnt submit this project i will be fail and have to repeat whole smester….i will very thankfull to u

    • First of all thanks for visiting our free student projects.Here we uploaded complete project with databases. If you find any mistakes let me know

      • Priya Rajpoot
        4:17 PM September 7, 2016

        In which folder database file is there? As of now i could not find it. Can you please help its very urgent or do we have to create whole new database?

  23. Joson Deniega
    1:21 PM November 6, 2015

    Your system is good.. Can I use your system for my project with your permission .?
    . thank you so much

  24. innokk
    9:38 PM March 15, 2016

    Hello admin 13 days ago i asked for the project to be emailed to my mail without checking and actually later discovered that the project was actually posted..but there was one problem though the link for downloading the online shopping system design is actually just the system content..please i really need the system design ,databse design and the detailed design so i can clear picture of the whole system..please send to my email … [email protected] …thnx

  25. sam
    5:09 PM April 21, 2016

    There is no database and as such the backup directory

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