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Web based project management system

by Shiva Prasad


Web based project management system is online application covering many types of features, including estimation and planning, scheduling, budget management, resource allocation, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems, which are used to deal with the complexity of large projects. It gives you the visibility into resource workload, tasks and overall profitability, so your projects are completed on time.

Web based project management system

Web based project management system

Programming languages used:

Front End: PHP

Back End : MySQL Server

Design and interface:  html, css

Validation: Javascript

What is this?

Now a days this project is most popular in multi national companies. This kind of website makes it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects which is very helpful to company management. The main objective of this web application is to target and achieve goals, team goals and finally projects. This is a web application which is accessible on the internet which has collection of programs, process, data and information. It has project management module to schedule the task, calculate the man hours of the task, discussion, Creating list of the tasks, managing resources and documents.

Project Features:

It is mainly used for managing software project processes.
Flexible project management web application.
It includes calendar and charts
Its PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams
Main features include document management, contact management, e-mail, project management, and time management.

Project modules:

This project has 7 main modules. Following are the modules of the project:


Future scope of the project:

Download project:

download project code

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