• fary

    I want airplane’s drawing with dimensions for 3D picture in cad

  • ankur patra

    I want to write introduction and acknowledgement in my eco project ofn changing price of a few vegetables in a market

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      can you explain it properly

  • http://www.facebook.com/shoaib.nohri Shoaib Nohri

    I need abstract and ER diagram of web base examination system .Is some one help me .
    Here is my email

  • solo

    i need a sample of a project on the topic, logistics zone project or logistics distribution center project or logistics warehousing project or any project on logistics zone (park).. my email is skaybatsa@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/dedeibi David-west Dedeibi

    I need a project topic on cinematograhpy

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      whats that..please explain elaborately..

  • Allan

    I need a project on the reason why a 4jx1 came into existence.your qiuck response will be highly appreciated.

  • shahim usman k

    I needva project report on concrete mixing using admixtures..so if anyone has please email it to usman.shahim@gmail.com

  • alain

    I need a sample project on parkinson disease

  • shyni

    I want to write a project about accidents causes due to unsafe action & in unsafecondition


    i need offline browser project

  • Enthua

    I need a project topic for agribusin student

  • me

    help me with sometin on “an assessment on the location n distrbution of general hospital in kaduna metropolis

  • ssd mod

    I need project related to fire engineering

  • Kinjal Patel

    I need city information srs

  • Karishma Sivadas

    I need a project related to different types of deposit maintain in a private sector bank in India

  • Dalia J

    I want to Write a simulation program that generates a list of 50 random numbers using LCM with the following initial values (x=27, a=17, c=43, m=100)..ur program should generate a similar list n find the differance betwen the two lists..

  • http://www.facebook.com/seaman.ogbaji Seaman Ogbaji

    I need a project that estimates and evaluate material for a building.

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      Hope your problem solved today..

      • gloria

        pls i would want a project on
        violence on television.my email is atubembem@yahoo.com

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          Whats that gloria.

      • jo abi

        am doing my Msc software systems (5years integrated course) am in my 4th
        year which is a project semester. the platform i have chosen is OPENERP
        i need a project idea regarding this.if i get a immediate response it
        would be helpful for me. mail id: josnikitha.1994@gmail.com

  • kenn4rill

    I want to write a project on the influences on maritime in nigeria

  • kenneth

    I want to write a project on the influences of maritime services in nigeria

  • ruchi

    I need module for city classified and search

  • peace

    I want to write a topic on ELECTORAL REFORMS AND DEMOCRATIC SUSTAINENCE IN NIGERIA (1999 TILL DATE. Pls I need a full copy of it. Reply -tpegho@yahoo.com

  • peace

    I want to write a topic ‘electoral reforms and democratic sustainance in Nigeria (1999 till date

  • faiyaz

    Help on project of maths on expense

  • Sajid

    I need a brief definition about project report

  • hemant kumar

    I need to a new project for website management.so you do help me…

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      What kind of website management project

  • single

    I want you to help me give me a sample of a project

    • kanu

      wat kind of project?

      • vidhya

        About vka milk product

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      Tell me how can I help you..

      • Stu

        well the quest is for project report – which we submit in bank

        • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

          Well.. Are you searching for project report?

  • sanju

    pls send me resume tracker project along with report

  • raya

    i need project about e-buy plz …
    email me zyadatr@yahho.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/ikekwere.ifyblessing Ikekwere Ify Blessing

    I need a recent project on the assessment of service delivery anf customer satisfaction at hotel. More importantly it introduction, literature review anf conclusion. Email address

    • Eyob

      I have prepare the project proposal concerning your title on costumer satisfaction and loyalty at hotel

  • http://www.facebook.com/ikekwere.ifyblessing Ikekwere Ify Blessing

    Pls use my email address

  • pentuka



    Pls get me a full report on the project topic: APPLICATION OF BRAIN MACHINE INTERFACING IN REHABILITATION.

  • sumit singh

    I need the project of embedded web server using enc26j60 and atmega128

    • admin

      Sorry.. We not developing emedded projects..

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Oh sorry.. We dont have embedded developers

  • manoj palsaniya

    I need project for m.a./ m.s.c geography pratical notas

  • oyin

    I need a project that stores students records electronically and would also digitalize the manual records that exists already.

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Can you provide any example

  • soulivanh

    I need project to heplp about ecotourism, conservation….in a park in Laos .

  • Shveta Jain

    Want to make project on trimurti- bramha, Vishnu n Mahesh

  • vasu shah

    I wannt to make a best project in diploma e&c
    So plzz give me some idea..

  • Aman

    I need a networking project plz help me……

  • kanila chhabra

    I want project topic on merchant banking that is easy nd don’t require any research

  • Kushal Desai

    I want some help regarding to ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) project. Plz give some idea of urs

  • Shweta Singh

    i want a small project on any subject written in c

    • Krunal Parrmar

      You can Have Police Fir project in C :) mail me if u want this project in c ::::: my email id is parmarkrunal456@gmail.com

      • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

        Yes… Police information system is in this site… Kindly download it..

    • eyob

      I have more than 50 project on different Dept

      • Monica

        i need a project related to science, pollution or any thing. if it done by survey its good.

        • eyob

          please send me your title on this email address

          eyob.derara yahoo.com

          • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

            Are you searching for project topic?

      • Siddu Siddharth

        I we provide
        2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
        more info:

  • Blessing Chidinma Vincent

    Hello I am a hotel and catering student I want you to help me with a topic this is my email beesmega@yahoo.com

  • yoonuz

    Hi friends please help me i need DME final year project in any topic pls send to my email id yoonuz88@gmail.com

  • roshini

    I need a mini Project for php for mahatma Gandhi Ji details

    • admin

      Whats that roshini..??

  • maahi

    I want a informative report on ipo of a particular company

  • fahd

    i need information about the student result system online

  • shishir kumar

    i need a hotel management project in ado.net using c#

  • raheem ahmed

    Bsc December test timings

  • raj

    project on cooperative emargning market

  • jimish

    I want one of d best project for it fare on latese technology plz help me….

  • paramasivam. s

    Hai sir I am paramasivam. S I need a more detail in lighting techniques. …plz sir..I will attend a technical seminar…..sooooo pls sir

  • Naresh Kale

    If u all got ur all the information thn upload your project on Google so tht I can download and submit it in my college.

  • Lynette Omwony

    i want a project on aircrafts…please help

  • Lynette Omwony

    please help me with an aircraft trade project…

  • yoseph mulu

    i need community based project, on harmful tradational practices .

  • bella

    Disease carriers

  • Afrin khan

    I need a project sample on consumer satisfaction on various mobile connection services… plz help me n mainly the introductn prt.. plz email me at afrinjiyakhan@gmail.

  • seira

    plsssss. i need the attendance system

  • seira

    e.mail me aries_wasted29@yahoo.com plsss….. i need the attendace system

  • Mbowa Faissoil Said

    i want the methodology of wind power generation & a presentation

  • akash kapadi

    on indian spices for hotel management students

  • Anthony

    gasco2001gh@yahoo.com project work needs a software which will be used to track stolen cars

  • nagajothi

    pls urgently i need project complete documentation the title is sending and receiving message(sms) via net without using gsm my mail id is nagajothig9@gmail.com

  • app

    how to create project for lether merchant

  • kelvin

    I need a project known as lodge management system that I can present and it should in java

  • sahani

    I need a project on consumer buying behavior in rural market. . Can anyone help me

  • terry

    please i need an IT based banking innivation

  • Mahesh Dodda

    Hi Every One,I need SMS Core Part for my sms Search application

  • Naresh

    commerce student get the admision IT ?

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Ya… It depends on University..

  • fashila

    i need a data flow diagram,system flow diagram,database table for home appliances management system using asp.net

  • Sandy Brar

    I need synopsis of android project.the project is managemycalls.managemycalls is app that manages application setting, call logs ,block incomings calls , automatic message sending and also need the objectives of the project ..please send it on sandybrar0816@gmail.com

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Sorry currently we not developing android projects..

  • Alvin Yaw

    Hi everyone

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin


  • Alvin Yaw

    Guys i ve to writ a proposal to ma skul as ma project
    so pls help do dis i need some ideas an am an accounting student aa well. Thanks

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      offcourse why not

  • sheeba

    may I please get some concepts related to bases and subbasis of topology for my project…..

  • Reginald Mensah

    I need a project topic on telecommunication

  • abdel aziz regmany

    I would like to get a project done on customer loyalty in ecobank

  • Ibukun Faboye

    pls can I get materials for the design and implementation of an expert diet prescription system?ibukunfaboye@gmail.com

  • acquah olivia

    Plss i need a project work topic on accounting.pls Email:oliacquah1987@gmail.com pls frndz helme

  • ange

    i need data flow diagram ,and database table of auto repair shop management system using asp.net

  • berihun addiis

    I need a project for purchasing management system

  • kanu

    i want a documentation sample of a web based final year project, anyone help plz

    • habiby mustefa

      hi somebody ,I need to you help me .project tile web based election manegement system .
      and my nation is ethiopia that means poorest countery ,please help me bye these project

  • sumaira

    Can anybody help me how 2 put the idea of opening a fun zone rides project in written form

  • Harsha Star

    I want a project report in extraction of silver from its ore and its use as an antibacterial grade.. can any one help me

  • sangel

    pls i want a project on respiratory physiology

  • berhane haftu

    100000 any project

  • Amit Kumar

    I am in java development I have 3.4year experience . I developed some little project in java .if any one want to develop there project in java contact me 07827037626

  • berhane haftu

    pri envestement project

  • harshita

    I need a project on the role of PR in the growth of an organization pls help

  • pankaj

    i need a project on Vat audit

    • Siddu Siddharth

      i have that

      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:

  • pankaj

    i need a vat audit project urgent

  • prerna

    I need a project report on cross culture, religious and social issues in MNCs

  • Ajmal Sharar

    Hello dears, I really need a project to upload and store pdf files into SQL Server through VB.NET desktop base software

  • kelvin

    Pls I need a project on business intelligence

  • oluremi

    proposal on teacher quality in relationship to student performance in English-language

  • zenab

    i want creat database of any domain

  • sabir

    Help for water project

    • Eyob

      Contact me

  • sabir

    Water project in hooghly please help me .

    • Eyob

      Cntact me

  • Archana Kaushikk

    i needed synopsis and running project on cloud computing (or its subpart cloudsim)

  • kalaiselva

    Mobile shop management project for sale contact me http://ktricks.herobo.com/myprojects

  • lucky

    can u help me on project which is called airflow condition, ho it work

  • Sarthak Ahlawat

    anyone got a project report on calcium carbonate?

  • SONU


  • avraz

    i need a project for searching file in drive

    • mcvicky

      I went to unsubscribe to receiving emails on the free student project.Thank you.

  • meke fanuel

    please help i am strugling to get a good topic for my project proposal based on land administration.

  • Sadaf Kayini

    Hi, i have need some hci project, i have required to prepare report of any hci project

  • nayan jyoti chetry

    i need project on CFL bulbs…..i want help man……………

  • anteneh

    i want sample project proposal on cement factory and service sector


    i want you to send a documentation for college notice board project


    can u please suggest me some topic realted to absentism or latecoming

    • Eyob

      yes I can


        pls post some topics !

        • Eyob

          public worker absentism

  • prakash pradhan

    i am looking for mini project of east west corridor



    • eyob

      bank officer absenteesim and lateesim
      Rural develepment agent absenteesim and lateesim

  • Irshad Mulla

    Please help me i need a project of deposit mobilization

  • Raginaal

    Hi Sir,

    do you have any 3 tier architecture program done in java for the Library management system ?
    can i have a look. one table and its call out function in java will suffice. i just need to know how it is done and how to call each table from presentation layer to business layer and how to print tables.

    if you have any, can it be sent to reggieonline@hotmail.com

    • Siddu Siddharth

      yes i have

      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:

  • suman

    I want you to help me give me a sample of a project in java

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Tell mesir.

  • anitha

    i want a project report on personal loans from private sector banks to submit in college by tommrrow

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Please send requirements.. Definitely we help you.

  • Emmanuel

    I need a project that involves hospital development…! Either a formal project proposal or a detailed feasibility study concerning the hospital project together with it is financial analysis, market analysis, and so on.

    • Eyob

      please write for me on my E-mail eyob.derara@yahoo.com
      within estimated budget

    • Siddu Siddharth

      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:

  • Ayups

    ineed afleet management system

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Can you post requirements?

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Can you send requirements?




    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Please send your srs

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Please explain the project.. without explanation I can design anything

  • kash

    i need a project on online shopping

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      We have already developed online shopping project in php , asp.net, asp, jsp. kindly check in this site.

    • Eyob

      I can help you in few dollar
      here is my E-mail eyob.derara@yahoo.com

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      This project is already uploaded in this site.

    • Siddu Siddharth

      i have developed it in struts and hibernate..

      more info:

  • tarun

    i need project report on 90 degree steering system .

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Can you post requirements?

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      in which platform

  • sona

    i need a help to do my project report on the topic- CLIENT ACQUISITION AT MANIPAL GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES (Sikkim Manipal University)
    i wanted to know the questionnair part and research methodology
    please help me out

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Tell me how can I help you?

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Can you explain it

  • mohmmed ahmed

    I want you to help me give a sample project it works depend on servlet and its documentation

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Sorry I didnt get you>

  • arif

    i want a project about monopolistic competition…e.g select the product like mobile phone,milk ect and then apply monopolistic comptition
    plz help me

    • Eyob

      I can help in few cost

  • syeda tooba kanwal

    give me ideas about science home projects for secondary students

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Right now we not devveloping science projects. sorry

  • shivsagar

    please help me i want to get small project at asp.net find of location type Project my mail id shivsagarv4@gmail.com

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Are you ok with GPS based Location tracking system

  • momo

    i need a code for my project car park payment system..please help me.. this my email.. princessmomo143@gmail.com

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Thats very interesting topic. Please send requirements in sourcecodefiles.com .. Definitely we help you..

  • wacuka

    hi, I need a project on computational finance or mathematical finance. please help

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      If you have requirements please post in freestudentprojects.com

  • pankaj

    please share project based on

    Knowledge Sharing

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Please send requirements..

  • makista

    need some code for for login and use the id as user

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      in which language?

  • ragini bagadia

    I need a project on how mcdonalds is following the scientific techineques of taylor

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Sorry.. we dont have science projects

  • misafir

    amıklar hepsi yabancı

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      I didnt get you

  • babalola dapo

    i need a material on this topic:design fabrication and performance evaluation of a soya beans milk extractor

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      In which platform it is?

  • Morton carlos

    i need help on a report to streamline store keep in a mechanical workshop setup

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ Admin

      Can you send requirements?

  • haris waqar

    i want a small project about fusion reaction

  • mehtab

    plz any one help me i m much worried about my final bscs project..im confused and stuck in deciding a topic for my final project i want to have such project that will be usefull in future and from that i could learn programing… i need project sugetion in one of the following languages .net, c#, asp.net….. plz suggest me some projects plz plz

    • Siddu Siddharth

      java good

      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:

  • niyonsaba phocas

    i need a project of cars boarder monitoring system

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Can you send requirements please

    • Siddu Siddharth

      i have please find my mail id

      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:

  • amirkhan

    Electrical and technical vecasi

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Can you elaborate this topic?

  • Bhutan

    Can I get a project report sample on manufacturing of oxygen gas

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Just give me some ideas. I will help ..

  • Somnath

    i want project documentation on ftp, can u help me???

    • Siddu Siddharth


  • darwin

    pls. give me any idea what is the best project proposal that i need to present as an I.T 4th year student. here is the possible project area *software development *multimedia system like game development and e- learning systems*network design and implementations*…

    • Siddu Siddharth


      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE

      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:


  • soma

    i need a project
    a cv project
    in visual basic
    recieves information over 4 or 5 forms
    and displays the cv in the last for

  • Johnson Mirian

    please i need a project proposal on,’ the roles of hrm on employees productivity’

    • Eyob

      I can do it in few dollar

  • http://aitoapp.com Albert

    I need a project in asp.net with access as a backend that will help conduct an online land application and registration

  • aasha

    i m thinking of doing my project on food on wheel ……………nd i need to submit my project whithin 1 month bt i havent start it yet ……………so plz help me to start my project and provide me some information abt the topic

    • Siddu Siddharth

      I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE 2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:

  • nouman

    i want to know that how can we make projects of ms access projects

  • http://gwerupoly.ac.zw Tandavara

    i,m working on a project to enhance the teaching and learning of computers focussing on lack of enthusiasm by pupils and how best to assist them. can i get help develop a serious research proposal and way forward?
    Mai Maria

  • yas

    i need any project title on c++ except any kind of management systems

  • Isaac Mayom

    I would like you to assist me with project proposal indicate the estimated budget and material for training

  • aneela zafar

    I want a project in c ++ programming
    can u help me?? plz

  • kalpesh

    I want Synopsis format and project report for marketing Management

    • Siddu Siddharth

      i have too

  • Rana

    What types of project you have.

    • Siddu Siddharth

      Hi, I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
      2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
      more info:



  • adams

    i really need a proposal .if you have any type of proposal kindly send me. my email address is adamsmalala@yahoo.com

  • damas

    may a have some example project concernimg with vb.net

  • Raymond Cris Felix

    can anyone please help me on how to delete the selected content of a listview permanently. cause i do have code, and it delete the selected content but not permanntly, ’cause when i run the system again, the contents is back.. i’m using vb6.0. please give some help.. ASAP

  • jhjghj

    i want a project on explosives and its preparations

  • Mgaji Baraka

    please help me how to prepare an abstract and its ER diagram of the project titled ” college canteen management system”

  • john

    i need a sample project based on granite cutting industries in tamilnadu


    i need blood bank management system i.e database for blood bank in sql server

  • ciGro

    i want the sample of project report on himilayan leapard…..

  • Siddu Siddharth

    I we provide code and docs at low cost IEEE
    2013,2012,2011,2010,2009-2006 Non-IEEE Projects Android in Java and
    more info:

  • shahid utman

    i need a project on MPLS

  • yusif abdulganiyu

    please am writing a thesis on assessing the accounting procedures and practices in private organization .

  • Ghulam Murtaza

    hi how are you? I am facing problem in data base may i get help from you?

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Tell me what problem you facing in database.

  • Ghulam Murtaza

    Request and Need prompt response

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Yes offcourse..

  • paasei

    i want project with documentation on help-desk management system for a desk job

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Please send synopsis.. We will prepare project documentation for you

  • Hope

    Hope-Industrial Proposal(attache) Human Resources
    I want you to help me choose one short tittle of project

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Tell me which project you developing?

  • faseeh

    send me email for free students projects


  • Iyyel Urmatam

    Can you please give me a project which centered in making a cream ointment for burns, Hope you’ll reply me soon. Thanks!

  • Elesi

    Hope (Industrial Attachment Project Proposal ) Human Resources-Judicial Department

    I want you to help me how to write a short title of my proposal

  • Prosenjit Kumar Mondol

    To solve any project you should practice more and more . It is one kind of meditation .

    Prosenjit Kumar Mondol(prosenjit_jit)

  • Wilson

    hi, please, i do not understand what exactly needed on the implementation phase when writing a final year report on undergraduate level

  • Cherry An Mariano

    please help me guys

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Tell me How can I help you?

  • camila anne

    i want you to give me some investegatory title

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Whats the.. Please give me brief description

  • dhananjaya

    project proposal for “temperature and humidity controlling in a factory”

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Well thats good

  • ssk

    hi i need sample mphil csc project helpme out in this

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Tell me how can I help you

  • Brian des Sie

    please assist me with a project in electrical final year

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      ya sure why not

  • m jena

    i want a database connection using C# and Ms-Access
    odbc connection and create a connection and string name
    what is the code for connection when a from load or active event to the data base
    and how i can wrighting a connection string for all forms in single time and call them.

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      use oledb connection.

  • Nisar Ahmad Anwari

    I need a complete project of wastewater treatment for a town

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Is this MBA project?

  • Hassan

    I want a small project for system analysis and design for water system thanks ,
    My Gmail. Baardheere20@gmail.com

    • http://www.freestudentprojects.com/ admin

      Tell me how can I help you in this

  • adesida adedoyin

    my name is adedoyin i need a project topic in line with production economics

  • Nikx Kopite Fanaka

    can you help me with a research topic on Health records and information technology

  • Slimdot


  • Sahir

    I need your help to give me a structure of simple calculator on visual basic

  • Francis

    Good day friends. Pls I need project topics on atmospheric physics. Particularly on aerosol related issues. Thanks.

  • Kwame Owusu Bempah

    i also need a project that treat industrial liquid waste water pysically and chemically separately

  • Thazin Phyo

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