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Online Recruitment Site

by Shiva Prasad


This Online recruitment site is for Job seekers and job provider. Job seeker searches jobs in job site, and recruiter posting job offers. Here we explained brief idea of this project. Hope it is very useful for your student project.

Online Recruitment Site

Project Name : Online Recruitment Site

Front End : PHP

Back End : MySQL


1. Designing andImplementing Job Seekers & Job Providers:

The aim of this module is to collect data from theuser; he may a job seeker or a job provider. Both of them are potential clients to our Resume Art. A user should be registered regardless of whether he is ajob seeker or a provider. In this module we register the user and grab as manydetails as possible about the user.

2. Designing andimplementing Resume Database, job database

The aim of the module is to create a resume for all his jobseekers asking the details about the experience, education, skills, affiliationsand references for the project.

3.   Designing a RecruitmentSystem

The aim of the module is to design a dynamic searchengine for the Resume art data base which can provide data for the job seekersand job providers.

Modulesof project:

The project can be divided in to fourmain modules.

• Registration module

• Job Seeker Administration section


• Job Provider Administration section

Module 1:

Registration module, which is further sub-divided into:-

• Job Seeker Registration.

• Job Provider Registration.

• Change Password Job Seeker.

• Change Password Job Provider.

• Forget Password Job Seeker.

• Forget Password Job Provider.

• Login for both Job Seeker and Job Provider.


Module 2:

 Job SeekerAdministration section, which is further sub-divided into –

• Resume Registration under Vacancy Category.

• Resume Updating

• Search for Job according to his skill set.

• Expert Guidance.

• Application Status.

Module 3:

 Job ProviderAdministration section, which is further sub-divided into four sub-

Sections: –

• Register Vacancy.

• Update Vacancy.

• Search for eligible candidate.

• Check Job Status.