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Quiz application


Quiz application

The software Quiz application manages the activity of quiz conduction in a school or college or any institution or even as the first test for the recruiters. The system is user friendly and the user will find it easy to answer the question. The Admin/employee will not find any difficult in calculating the total marks scored by the student. The system will thus reduce paperwork and all the information will be stored safely in the database.

This project is helpful in saving the students details, calculating the marks scored by each student and for obtaining the names of the top students who will be selected for the next round.

PROJECT CATEGORY: Network based Application


The Quiz application  is used for conducting quiz for school or college students or this software can also be used by the company for the recruitment process. At first, the student is needed to register his/her name along with all the information needed and need to select username and password for the login process. Using this username and password, the student can login into the “QUIZ” software.  Next procedure is answering the quiz. As soon as the student selects the quiz menu strip, the questions with 4 options will be displayed. The student has to type any one option and click on next option. ON this click next set of question and answers will be displayed. This will continue till the end of the question.

The admin has the authority to add or modify any questions or options. The answers of each question will be saved in the database. The result option shows the marks of all students who answered in the descend order so that the admin cab obtain top students who can go for the next round. The Admin provides username and password for others, so that they can check the result in the absence of Admin but not for students. A search option will also be provided to search the student’s details using the students’ login name.

Modules of the software:

Project title: Quiz application




“QUIZ” software developed for a school or to a college has been designed for time reduction taken for conducting a quiz, for calculating the marks, for shortlisting the student’s name, hence increasing the efficiency. It is designed to replace an existing paper work and correction manually. The system uses VB .Net as front end and Microsoft SQL as a backend for the database. The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce time and also provide readily calculated marks.

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