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Sports Management System


Sports Management System

The Sports Management System (SMS) objective is to provide which manages the activity of many sports at a time. It also manages the selection activity of students to college and to state level. The users will consume less amount of time when compared to manual paper work through the automated system. The system will take care of all the servicing activity in a quick manner.

Data storing is easier. It will be able to check any report at any time. Paper work and manual work is reduced. The system is user friendly and easy to use.


The software to be produced is on “Sports Management System (SMS)”. There are 2 users’ i.e., the admin and the employee. Admin provides username and password to the employee. He also has the right to add or modify the given username and password of the employee. Using this username and password, an employee can login to the system. The first procedure is the student registration. Here the employee enters all the details of a student including the sport they like to participate. All these information will be stored in the database. Next is the entry of the tournaments. Here depending on the sport, the tournament date and the venue is saved in the database for further confirmation. There are 5 different sports. A list of players will be displayed and also the upcoming tournaments will be shown according to the particular sport. The system also provides a special authority of adding photos to the system for a particular sport for sweet memories and for proof.

The system also does the selection procedure to the college level and the state level competition. To the college level all the players are allowed to play. Whereas to the state level, the best players will be selected from the college level list which will be also saved in the database.

Modules of the software:

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