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Vehicle Information System


Vehicle Information System is an application which allows user to manipulate vehicle information. This is developed using and SQL Server.

Here are some of the things you can do using Vehicle Information System:

Vehicle Information System Interface:

Log in – User log in form for user to log in before accessing QCIS. User need to select the user from the list box and key in correct password to log in.

Main Form – Everything starts Main Form. It contains menu, mdi form, etc.

Add New Record (Non Motor), to Add new record for Non Motor Insurance.

Edit Record (Motor), to edit record for Motor Insurance.

Search Record (Motor), to search existing record for Motor Insurance.

Delete User, to delete a user’s account from Vehicle Information System

Detailed Report, to generate a detailed Motor report for Vehicle Information System

Generate a filtered Motor report for Vehicle Information System

Click Log Out. After that you will see interface as shown below:

Click Yes Button to Complete log out. Click No Button to canncel log out.

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