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Hotel Reservation System

by Shiva Prasad


This article I will explain the important features of Hotel Reservation System. This project is a software application developed using Visual Basic .NET 2008 and database is Microsoft Access. Guest reservation, billing system, change room, guest report are the main features of this project. It has 7 drop down menus That is System, Records, Monitoring, Reports, Tools, Window, Help. The modules of the projects are System settings, records module, Monitoring module, Reports module, Tools module, Window module and help module..

Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System

Project ID : 021120110708

Front End : Visual Basic .NET 2008

mdiMain.vb is the main form and it has 38 forms and 5 global modules. Crystal report created to generate reports. User must login to the software by entering login credentials.

Back End : Microsoft Access 2003

Database name is data.mdb and database password is jaypee . This database has 42 tables. The users table has login details of the system.

The database connection string has declared in app.config file. The connection string of this database is :
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=..\Data\data.mdb;Persist Security Info=True;Jet OLEDB:Database Password=jaypee

Minimum Requirements :

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft Access 2003

Following Features are available in Hotel Reservation System:

  1. Guest reservation – It helps to create new guest record
  2. Billing System – It counts the number of days before generating bill invoice.
  3. Change room –  Guest can change the room AC to Non AC , Single to double bedroom, etc.
  4. Multiple account per room – Guest can book multiple rooms in single account
  5. Guest report – It generates complete guest report of Reservation details, Change room status, Paid details, remaining balance, etc. Even you can record a check in and check out date and time, payments report, etc.
  6. Other charges – It will display other charges like Food expense, Landline usage details, etc.

Account Information to Login :

Username: admin
Password: admin

This is just a student project and You have to modify some coding to use it as live project.

Source : Sourcecodester

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