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Love Calculator


Love Calculator

The objective of the software Love Calculator is just for fun. This project is helpful to calculate couples percentage within a fraction of seconds. It calculates the percentage of couples love by just entering their name. This system developed using Vb.NET language. The calculation part is not being saved anywhere. There is no database to know the history of the names calculated.  

How project works:

Simple just enter your name and someone else’s name in the box and press Calculate! And you are all set. This gives flexibilityto people who don’t speak English. Yes, you can enter anything you want, but some people said that it would be more accurate if you enter something meaningful and close to LOVE.This program is ABSOLUTELY only for FUN. It is not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling. Use this program accordingly, just for positive reason. After all, it’s just a program.



The system is strong enough to withstand regressive daily operations .The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce data entry, time and also provide readily calculated reports.

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