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Airline Reservation System


Airline Reservation system

Airline Reservation System, one of the representative application of Database Management System which is used for reservations and schedule information. This software application is student project which is developed in Visual basic 6.0 and Oracle is the backend of this project.

Airline Reservation System

Project ID                         :  131220110531

Project Title                      :  AirTicket Reservation System / Airline Reservation System

Front End Tool                 :   Visual Basic 6.0

Back End Tool                  :   Oracle 8.0

This AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM hasbeen an attempt to help the user to minimize his workload along with minimizing the paper works and saving of time.

The system has been developed in away to make it very user friendly. It provides an on-line message and an error detection and error messages every time the user needs. Any person having a little bit of window based can run this system without any pain.         

Almost all the difficulties of manual reservation have been removed by this system. Ti wind up let me welcome all the suggestions and other improvements, which the system needs so that it covers all the needs if the user in the user way.

Download project source code:

Note: Kindly install Oracle software and Visual basic software before executing this project. Please restore oracle database to the database.