This System for Restaurant Management is a web-based project developed using and a SQL server. This website is used for ordering online supermarket items. The business is now improving the perfect way to customize these activities digitally. High-tech services are embraced by today’s generation, especially over the Internet. The administrator will track all types of order data online. The greatest advantage of this initiative is that it saves time for customers to hunt for restaurants. The computer would simplify the restaurant’s day-to-day service. An online bill for each seat is generated by this system. For enterprise owners, it saves time, company money, and expenses.

Front End: C#.NET

Back End: SQL Server

Requirement details:


  • Category
  • Item
  • Ingredients

Order: This is the Lunch Page.

A list of all available orders for the day that are seen:

Order number # Table number# Name of the customer Order Amount Order Summary Edit
NG/11/001 Table 1 Manasa 560 Biriyani: 4; Rice 2 plate; Juice 3 Glass
NG/11/002 Table 2


Restaurant Management System

Here you can

Make a new request Select/alter a record to change for example: Add or Pay

On the Student Projects site, all tasks are gratis.

  • New Order Button
  • Add Item to Order

Take Payments: Installment Mode |  Amount | Reference

New Order:

  • Auto Running Sum Amount
  • Extra Line With  Service Tax @12.36
  • All out Sum (counting Service Tax)

Note: On the Student Projects site, all tasks are gratis.



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