car sales system

The purpose of this project is to create a Car Sales System that allows the consumer to enter Car Information. To do this, the customer has to view the Car Sales System program. Only the driver will have access to enter the Cars info. Maintaining these data is the duty of the administrator to preserve details such as Manufacturer, Year, Model, Price and KM Traveled, Extra Information. Both of these items will be maintained by the system. The system has two main features for both Vehicle Information and Car Scan. One is marinating the Car Information, etc., and the other is handling the Age, Price, and Traveled KM search mechanism. This is where the user can scan the car by age. Provide search parameters for vehicle descriptions and the user should see all documents and the user should see all car history and data. The car sales system should have a strong user interface with menus and toolbars.

Project title: Car Sales System


Processor : Intel Pentium or more.
Ram: 128 MB or more.
Cache: 512 KB.
Hard Disk: Recommended 16GB HDD for primary partition.


Front Software: Swings

Languages: Java

Back End Software: Any Base of Data (presently DAT File System)

Operating System: Windows 95/98 or later.


  1. Designing and Implementing Car Sales System

This module aims to gather data from the numerous Second Hand Car comprehensive records and the Franchise etc. and is also responsible for producing various integrated reports on these entities. This module also takes inputs such as Second Hand Car records, descriptions and also produces product reports that can be treated as an essential tool for monitoring the progress of the company.

     2.Design and deployment of the Information Base for Decision Making

This module takes in inputs from the user which include symptoms of Information like Car Model no, Traveled kilometers, etc and build up a knowledge base which is needed by the system to automatically produce recommendations and messages to the users which he/she can use for system handling. 



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    I’m doing literature review on car sale management system, I would like to cite some authors work in my review. I’m requesting to see some of car sale systems you have

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    Car sale system

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