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The goal of this project is to establish an online forum for campus and organization. This enables approved members of the scheme to enter the course offered on the web and to view the materials released for the course. People may register as students of a course or professors for a course. When an individual identifies as a Faculty, an acceptance process should be set up to send an email to the Administrator to approve the person as a Faculty. There will be an admin permission page where the admin will approve the course to the faculty members.

The home page of the course should include the title of the course and a summary. There will be a discussion page for each course where students will connect, an announcement section covering the most current updates, and a course content section including links to the material required for the course. There will be an additional link for faculty members to export the contents of the course to a zip file format. The contents of the course should be Html pages, which should be uploaded to the zip file format. There should be a method for the faculty members to construct a course test indicating the title of the test and a series of multiple-choice questions and the length of the test. There will be a home page of the Course Site where there will be a registration connection as well as a login screen.

Three types of users in the system:

  • Administrator
  • Faculty (for a course)
  • Student (for a course)

The administrator should do the following:

  • Build a course by including the title and explanation of the course.
  • Approve Faculty members for a Course
  • Delete the members of  a Course
  • Publish announcements
  • A page to view all the feedbacks received.




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  • Samuel DWIZZ

    May 17, 2015 - 5:47 PM

    I’m having problems with your source code for the course portal, the portal cannot connect with the database

    • ankit

      May 22, 2015 - 10:23 AM

      have u import mysql jar file in project.

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