The Online Clinic Appointment System is a system of appointments built using PHP and MySQL. Project title assigned to the 24X7 Clinic System, where patients can make appointments online and monitor their history via it. 24X7 Clinic Framework is a web-based platform that encompasses all areas of clinical care and service. This website includes the history of doctors, patient profiles, online appointments, patient care notes, drug reports, billings, health testing, etc.

The 24X7 Clinic system, which reminds patients of vacant appointment times, and the 24X7 Clinic system, will immediately have new appointments. Patients can register with the system on this page by entering the profile information, and then they can log in to the system by entering the login details. After the login, the patient will take a consultation. Even the patient should review the specifics of the appointment (approved or pending), medication details, and drug details.

Online Clinic Appointment System

Online Clinic Appointment System

Languages used:

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL Server

Patient modules:

Home Page: The front page of the website includes “Registration,” “Registration,” “Login” are the main menus. When you click on the home tab, the power will remain on the home page itself. When you click on the appointment tab, the appointment page will be loaded and the patient registration page will be loaded when you click on the login link.

Registration page: The patient must insert his/her first name, last name, password, password validation, email ID, and phone number in the patient registration form. The patient will be registered by clicking the “Register” button. If the patient is already registered, the patient can press the “Click here to login” button immediately.

Appointment page: The consultation page where the doctor documents the name, the physician, and the timing of the appointment. By clicking on the “Make an appointment” page, the patient will be routed to the login form where the patient logs in with the patient ID and password to make the appointment. On active login, the “Patient Account” tab will be loaded where the patient ID and some fields will be displayed. Here, in the “Make an appointment” form, the patient enters the date of the appointment, i.e. the date from which the patient wishes to take the appointment with the doctor concerned. This page also contains side menus such as patient account, patient history, appointments, procedure information, laboratory test results.



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      bro if u got Documentation for clinic appointment system can pls forward to me this my is my email… plz help me this bro

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    Please I need documentation and material and the software of the online health appointment.

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    Please I need documentation and material and the software of the online health appointment
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  • Marvelous

    September 17, 2019 - 7:56 PM

    Please I need documentation of the online health appointment
    please send to or whatsapp 0774277667

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