Web-based financial Database plan and ER chart is transferred in this article. You can download this undertaking code by the following the connection.

Online banking Database design

Database Name: banking

Table: accounts


Type Null Default
acc_type varchar(50) Yes
minbalance varchar(20) Yes

Table: complaints


Type Null Default
slno int(250) Yes
comp_to varchar(20) Yes
comp_from varchar(50) Yes
subject varchar(150) Yes
complaint varchar(750) Yes
comp_date datetime Yes

Table: customer


Type Null Default
custid varchar(200) Yes
first_name varchar(200) Yes
last_name varchar(200) Yes
age varchar(3) Yes
address varchar(200) Yes
country varchar(15) Yes
email varchar(200) Yes
sex varchar(15) Yes
contact_number varchar(200) Yes
acc_number varchar(200) Yes
balance float Yes
acc_type varchar(200) Yes
opendate date Yes

Table: found_tran


Type Null Default
deb_acct_no varchar(50) Yes
cre_acct_no int(20) Yes
date datetime Yes
balance int(50) Yes
deb_amount int(20) Yes

Table: interest


Type Null Default
acc_num int(20) Yes
date date Yes
old_bal float Yes
interest float Yes
tot_bal float Yes

Table: loan


Type Null Default
custid int(20) Yes
loan_type varchar(50) Yes
loan_amount int(20) Yes
duration int(4) Yes
name varchar(25) Yes
address varchar(150) Yes
profession varchar(20) Yes
income int(20) Yes
tele int(25) Yes
email varchar(30) Yes
requestdate date Yes
status varchar(20) Yes

Table: loan_accept


Type Null Default
cust_id int(20) Yes
loan_id int(20) Yes
type varchar(100) Yes
amount int(50) Yes
duration int(20) Yes
start_date date Yes
monthly_inst int(20) Yes

Table: loan_paid


Type Null Default
cust_id int(20) Yes
loan_id int(20) Yes
insta_date date Yes
pay_date date Yes
due_amount int(20) Yes
inst_amount int(20) Yes
balance int(50) Yes
status int(11) Yes

Table: loan_type


Type Null Default
loan_type varchar(100) Yes
duration varchar(20) Yes
loan_amount varchar(50) Yes

Table: login


Type Null Default
user_name varchar(200) Yes 0
user_password varchar(200) Yes 0
user_type varchar(200) Yes 0
question varchar(200) Yes
ans varchar(50) Yes

Table: rejected_information


Type Null Default
cust_id varchar(20) Yes
information varchar(500) Yes

Table: transactions


Type Null Default
tranid varchar(200) Yes
trantype varchar(200) Yes
tranmethod varchar(200) Yes
date timestamp Yes CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
cheque_num varchar(25) Yes
acc_num varchar(200) Yes
amount varchar(200) Yes
current_balance float Yes
remarks varchar(200) Yes
custid varchar(20) Yes



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