Online Shopping System Software Requirements

This SRS aims to define the specifications of a web-based software program, which is an online shopping framework. This Device Requirements Overview includes a comprehensive overview of all interface features and configurations. This guide lays out the software specifications for online shopping.

1.1. Introduction:
Computers and electronic systems make their way to the area of society, where data and knowledge are the key needs. The actual analysis of the system becomes very useful to its users because the manipulation and use of the data in a practical manner is the need of any enterprise.

1.2. Scope :

The paper is the one that defines the specifications along with the device interfaces. It is intended for use by the developers and will act as the basis for validating the final device delivered.

1.4. Overview :

The method allows shopping merchandise, items, and services electronically by picking the products specified on the website (E-Commerce site).

2. Overall description :

2.1. Product Perspective :

The suggested framework is a solution for the online purchase/sale of goods.

2.2. Product Functions :

The device helps users to purchase/sell goods online through a global internet connection.

2.3. User Characteristics :

There are 3 forms of users for the suggested system.

  • Administrators:

Administrators are people who add or control categories for goods and are responsible for administering the Vendors.

  • Vendors/Sellers :

Vendors/Sellers will link their goods to the index, which will be displayed on the website to end-users, or inform consumers who can purchase the products by choosing the one they need. Vendors will have unique rights over end-users and will have the right to handle the items they add.

  • End Users/Customers:

The end customer will be the one who visits the website and orders items online from those added by the Vendors/Sellers.

2.4. General Constraints :

  • The key restriction here will be to verify the validity of the purchaser, which is not always feasible. Security threats may be involved.
  • The built framework can run on any platform (Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.) that includes a web browser that supports PHP, JavaScript, and AJAX.

2.5. Assumptions and Dependencies

  • The details related to the product, customer, payment, and service transaction are provided manually.
  • The administrator is created in the system already.
  • Roles and tasks are predefined.

3.1.     External Interface Requirements :

3.1.1.   User Interfaces:

Each part of the user interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The fonts and buttons used are designed to be very quick and easy to load on web pages. The pages will be kept light in space so that it won’t take a long time to load the tab.

3.1.2.   Hardware Interfaces :

  • Processor: Pentium or  Higher.
  • RAM: 312MB or Higher.

3.1.3.   Software Interfaces :

  • Operating System:  Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.
  • Development tool: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Database: MySQL

3.1.4. Communication Interface :

The ordering system of the website shall give an e-mail confirmation to the customer that the goods purchased will be sent to the mailing address along with the identity of the buyer.

3.2. Functional Requirements :

3.2.1. Master Maintenance :

This module consists of information on goods and services. This requires two submodules, Commodity Master and Price Master. Product Master :

Product master provides details about a single product, such as product number, object, name, category, product photos, definition, specifications, requirements on items to be featured on the website. Price master :

Price Masterworks with the quality of the goods, discounts applicable to the individual product of the vendor/seller.

3.2.2. Transactions : 

All transactions carried out on the website will be monitored and handled by this module. Transactions in the form of ownership of the Shopping Cart.

3.2.3. Reporting: This module deals with the management of the report of the whole framework. This comprises three Stock Report, Order Report, and Distribution Report sub-modules. Order  Report : 

Order Report would include the list of items ordered and the description of the consumer who requested the goods, which are not shipped. Delivery Report : 

Delivery Reports will produce a list of items that are shipped to consumers.

3.2.4. Housekeeping Module: 

This module deals with data backup for potential comparisons and thus reduces the size of the archive.

3.3.Design Constraints:

There are few restrictions that the device has to meet. They’re:

  • Both inputs should be reviewed for validation and messages should be issued for erroneous results. Invalid data should be skipped and error messages should be given.
  • The information given by the vendor during registration should be maintained in the database.
  • When submitting items to the scheme, the mandatory fields must be reviewed for validity as to whether the provider has entered the necessary data in these mandatory fields. If this is not the case, the right error message should be shown or the data should be stored in the archive for later retrieval.
  • Both mandatory fields should be filled in by the customer when ordering products from the cart.

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