Stores Management System Project synopsis

A synopsis is a brief summary of the project. This article has a synopsis of the Stores Management System Project.

For the following reasons, stores are required:-

  • Works with Money
  • Maintenance and Processes Works
  • Such market practices, such as renting vehicles, etc.

The ‘Stores Management System’ seeks to simplify nearly all of the above-mentioned procedures in order to minimize the clerical work of workers employed in both technical and accounting divisions of stores using the new technology and cost-effective resources of the software industry while ensuring greater management oversight by preventing manual mistakes, etc.

The Content Problems Module, Reports Module, is part of this project module under review. The Material Problems Module deals with the Device Functionality Issues. It primarily consists of two activities, namely content problems, i.e. Issues issued to works on the basis of field requisitions and Inter stores issues, i.e. material issues to other stores on the basis of inter-store requisitions. For these two operations, we need to provide gate passes for both forms of operations.

The Reports module deals with the Reports received by the application. This module comprises various reports, including the Monthly SRB Report, the Monthly SIB Report, the Monthly Wise Issue Reports Section, the Priced Ledger, the Monthly Shops Abstract, the Monthly Job Order and the Monthly Stock Report.

1.1. Abstract

Project Title: Stores Management System

The structure includes a web-based development mechanism that enables the manufacturing sector, on the basis of a monthly report of the sales of its dealers, to schedule its manufacturing operations. When the dealers have entered the sales figures for the last week on the internet along with the orders for the next shipment, the production schedule will be drawn up for the next week. The report of the raw materials or parts demanded will be gathered on the Internet with the component requirements and would be requested to quote their tariffs.

If the rates have been quoted, with the required delivery schedules, the order will be placed. The stock would be updated until the parts have been supplied. Taking into account the materials bill, a production plan will then be drawn up. Once the production schedule has been accepted, once the material has been released, the stock will be revised. The delivery arrangements will be drawn up on the basis of orders given by retailers after the final products have been made available. The brokers’ stocks will also be owned.

The Advantages of the Stores Management System is:

  • It is used as an intranet application.
  • Providing High-Security.
  • Easy Business Solutions.



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