Hostel Management System Project Synopsis

Here we’ve uploaded the Project Synopsis Hostel Management System. This system is designed to assist the administration of the hostel, and allows students to maintain records of their rooms and other items. It helps them with the manual labor that makes it very difficult to locate student records and student bills, and information about those who left the hostel three years ago.

At the suggestion of the hostel management, we’re constructing this system, because they can’t expect such an efficient individual to handle and quantify stuff. All bills are immediately decided by this process and notices have been given to those students who are against these rules.

Content of the Project

  • Project statement

In order to organize rooms, messes, student records and other information about students, the hostel manager has to set up a hostel management scheme (HMS). How many students can live in a room, and the hostel’s students can be identified by their ID number.

  • Descriptions

This initiative provides hostel management with the goal of expanding the services for all hostel students. This also removes the administrative work of the admin panel and the bundle of registers that looked at where a previous student’s data was identified, so you can archive the data of those students who left the hostel three years ago using this form.

Via this, the system’s data base will allow you to search a specific one in a few minutes to check the personal profile of all the current students.

The device will help you check the student’s mess bills and the student’s hostel fees. The students of the hostel will be identified by the ID number given at the time of the room rental. Management work in the hostel will be improved in the final part of this framework.

  • Objectives
Stake Holder Objective
Student The student can store his or her information
Administrative The warden can see the data of students
  • Process flow

There are four types of flow

Registration flow :

Students should indicate the name of the department to the hostel management system in order to become representatives of the hostel. He/she will fill out his/her personal profile on the profile tab. After this, the Warden gave him/her a # ID. To encourage the student to access his/her ID # in the case of an issue or something else.

Mess Flow :

When the mess is used by a student using a Mess ID card. A student should take just 2 messes at a time. A hard copy of the mess information given to the student’s room at the end of the month, showing the details of his/her messes and all the mess costs. Within 10 days of the problem of the mess bill, the student will pay the fees. In the case of failing to pay tuition, a warning note is sent to the student.

Room process flow :

When a student is admitted in the hostel, the room would be reserved. The distribution will be made on the basis of the student department, the semester and the session. The room is only for two pupils. Hostel payments are only for 1 semester and the user can pay the next semester fees at the end of the semester. After the next term, the student can pay the fees within 10 days.

The students will be entered into a waiting list in case of the unavailability of a room when the room is open, the student will be told by the hostel management.

Database flow :

The administrator will enter a new one easily as the new student enters. Join the archive of the device. Both the details of the mess and other facilities are changed rapidly. This site is meant to preserve records of both registered users and students 3 years of age.

Project Category



Tools, platforms / Hardware and Software Requirements


Language to be used



Specific Requirements


External Interface Requirements


User Interface

The successor to the Visual Basic 6 programming language is VB.Net. VB.Net also implemented a wide number of architectural changes in the Visual Basic language that are not backward compatible. A variety of main elements and principles have been changed or withdrawn in VB6. In the VB.Net language, a lot of new things.

Hardware Interface

1)40 GB hard disk

2)256 MB RAM

3 Peripheral devices

Software Interface

The software is developed with all the basic controls and class provided in .Windows XP or above installed on the system. Application Package must be installed.


Communication Interface

Windows Forms


Authentication is provided for this device without which no user can move. Thus, the program is only permitted to be used by legitimate users. If authentication information is exchanged by legitimate users, the device is open to outsiders.


The program will not have any maintenance needed. The database is provided by the end-user and is thus held by that end-user.


As it is a standalone program running on a single machine with no shared database, the system is not portable.



ER Diagram


An Entity Relation(ER) Diagram is a specialized graph that shows the relationship in a database between entities. ER diagrams often use symbols to represent 3 different types of information. Boxes are commonly used to represent entities. Diamonds are normally used to represent relationships and ovals are used to represent attributes.

An Entity Relationship Model (ERM), in software engineering is an abstract and conceptual representation of data. Entity Relationship modeling is a relational schema database modeling method, used to produce a type of conceptual schema or semantic data model of a system, often a relation database, and its requirements in a top-down fashion


Entity is the thing which we want to store information. It is an important basic building block for the storage of business process data. An entity represents an object you want to store information about that is specified within the information system. In the business, organizations are distinct objects.


A relationship is a named set or connection between entities or used with certain shared attributes or substantial interaction between the objects to connect two or more entities.


The attributes are the entity and relationship properties, the entity descriptor. Attributes are elementary bits of information connected to a person.



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