News Paper Agency System

News Paper Agency System

News Paper Agency Company is a news and magazine delivery and subscription management system. It’s a multiple newspaper subscription distribution automation system that manages all newspaper and magazine distribution. This newspaper dissemination system is built for independent publishers and both small and large home delivery and retail store sales operations, and can allow you the kind of flexibility you want and deserve when you are responsible for handling and distributing several different forms of newspaper and magazine publications.


News Paper Agency System Modules

  • Login: Users must include their username and password to enter the device, verify the username and password of the system. After a functional login system, the login data, time, and menu options will be collected as per the user form.
    Main Menu: Once the device has successfully logged in, view the main screen with the menu option open to the user as per rights. It also shows the user name, the last logging-in date, the time at the bottom of the page.
  • User Master: The System Administrator can add, change system users, and even set the access rights and privileges to various system services for a single user. Additional information such as the name of the department, contact no, e-mail id of the users were collected.

  • Password updates: users are entitled to change passwords on their own.

  • Customer Master: Retain customer information, such as name, delivery address, delivery line no, delivery costs, customer contact, customer flag active, if the customer is not available for a few days in a month, just set customer this flag, no paper will be shipped for that customer for a period of time.

  • Supplier Master: Supplier master is used to preserving information of the supplier, such as name, address, supplier contact no. The retailer provides paper and magazines.

  • Product Manager: Product Master used to enter product specifics such as product ID, product form i.e. News Paper or Magazine, product summary, product cost, newspaper rate must be entered on a day-to-day basis, with most news media having separate rate forms for each day.
  • Line Master: All consumers are organized by line No for quick distribution of the paper/magazine to the delivery boy. This module is used to hold line info, including the name of the delivery boy, address, contact no.
  • Receiver Master: retain the name of the payment received information when inserting the amount received from the customer into the system, the name of the receiver will also be chosen from the drop-down.

Customer Requirement:

This module used to join the consumer criteria, for the newspaper framework, helps you to set the day-wise requirement as for individual paper, you can only set the requirement for Sunday. It’s very a versatile module to set consumer requirements. The search facility is available to search for items.

  • Stock Inward: This module was used to join the stock inward on a single day. Stocks are collected from the retailer and must be entered into the counting scheme. Tests are available for the day when making the purchase. The count shall be validated for each paper necessity and each inward stock. There are two separate screens available to join the tabular and grid-wise inward access. There is also an alternative for importing stock quantity directly from the date chosen. Usually, the sum of different papers each Sunday would be the same.
  • Daily Transaction: The back-end procedure to be performed daily is used to correct the daily transaction in the transaction table and to lock the transaction. The final bill is determined based on this transaction. The system will take the information of each active client, their specifications, and receive a paper cost, measure the number, and update the billing transaction.
  • Task Reminder: This module can allow the user to recall everyday activities such as reviewing consumer expectations, stock inward processing, and transaction processing.
  • Bill Generation: The bill generation subsystem is used to produce bills for the consumer, and the machine has the option of generating bills for single consumers, single lines, and all customers. It also measures the prior due number, which would apply shipping costs to the amount of the sale. Bill will also have the potential to enter customized messages. It can be printed on the DOS matrix printer after producing the bill. The machine has the option to print high-speed dos-based prints.
  • Bill Receivable: Enter the balance earned by the consumer. This data will be used to produce the unpaid bill report.
    Question/Search Module: The device user can query for a specific customer, product, line by their ID and name and can see the information accordingly.
  • Monthly Sale Report: Presents the specifics of the sale of newspapers and magazines for the month chosen.
  • Daily Selling Report: It displays the specifics of the sales day news and magazines.
  • Balance Receivable: shows the consumer a fair amount of money receivable.
    Stock Inward: Display the stock inward information for the chosen article.
    Line Wise Product Requirement: Demonstrates Line Wise Product and Magazine Count, this study will help to deliver the newspaper and magazine.

Technology Used

  • Visual Basic 6
  • MS Access
  • Crystal Report




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