The Police Management System is a system in which all the station’s paperwork is stored in a centralized system that enables the handling of documents. Here we will retain, connect and retrieve all documents such as arrest record, lawsuit record, most wanted the criminal record, case file, etc. A unified database structure.


Police Information System

Project Title: Police Information System

Project Category: RDBMS (Relational Database management System)

The objective of the Project:

  • This system is developed to maintain the paperwork of the police station in a single   System.
  • Crime history and consumer records should be conveniently preserved.
  • Security level shall be maintained in such a way as to ensure that only approved users have access
  • To confidential information.

Languages Used:

Front End: VB.NET(Visual Basic)

Back End: SQL (Structured Query Language)

Platform: Windows XP/ Windows 7, DOT NET Framework 3.5

Module Description:

  • Login Module: User enters the user name and password to log in to this web program. There are two groups of users using this program, i.e. admins and users such as constables, inspectors, etc.
  • Administrative Module: In this module, the admin records new account information, names, admin descriptions, etc., and also assigns tasks to users.
  • Station Module: This module helps the police department to log assignments and attendance information, etc., and can also monitor or change the user profile.
  • Complaint Registration: This module uses the registry complaint information. Here, the consumer must enter the form of complaint, the subject, the details, and details of the complaint.
  • FIR: This module is used to file the FIR record for a specific complaint. The user must pick the complaint ID and enter the FIR number.
  • Charge Sheet: The Charge Sheet is issued after the FIR is registered. These specifics will be entered in this module.
  • Judgment Detail: After the charge sheet has been released, the offender shall be brought before the court where he has been found innocent or guilty. Many of these specifics are applied to this module.
  • Crime record: Simple descriptions of the offenders are applied to this module.
  • Prisoner Record: Prisoner Records are added to this module.
  • Law and Order Module: This module covers tasks such as Public Security, Screening, Rounding, Passport Verification, etc.

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